Improving our 'incurable' illnesses with diet and lifestyle through information we found publicly on the web is the driving force for creating IndieHealers.

Going through this healing journey we were shocked by the amount of people who were already curing their diseases through diet, supplements or alternative methods. However, we were equally shocked about the amount of people who were stuck in the conventional medical system who are losing hope.

There are many great resources, blogs, communities, nutritionists and doctors scattered all over the web for those who are on the journey of improving their health. However, throughout our journey there was no central website where we could easily find all the information we were looking for. We found ourselves searching numerous different websites (some credible, other not so much) to find an answer just to end up with varying results.

Through our own experience it was clear that we wanted to find a way to make it easier for everyone else on their health journey. IndieHealers aims to be a website and community for people to more easily share and find valuable information for their health jorneys .

We would love as much feedback and ideas as possible to make sure IndieHealers brings as much value as possible.

Please feel free to - contact us.